The Company was incorporated and registered as a public company limited by shares in England and Wales on 18 September 2017 under the Companies Act 2006 with the name HD Shelf Four PLC and with registered number 10967142 and subsequently carried out a name change to Clean Invest Africa Plc.

Issued Share Capital

The Company has an issued share capital of 892,122,842 Ordinary Shares of £0.0025 each in issue.

Director Shareholders

Name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Issued Share Capital
Filippo Fantechi 215,944,186 24.2
Samuel Preece 1,200,000 0.77
Noel Lyons 9,800,000 6.28
Paul Ryan 0 0

Significant Shareholdings

Name Number of Ordinary Shares on admission % of Issued Share Capital
Shaikh Mohamed Abdulla Khalifa AlKhalifa 332,619,294 37.28
Contax Partners Inc* 215,944,186 24.21
Wendy Ann Reithofer 87,719,094 9.83
Ann Marie Carbery-Antoun 36,554,688 4.10

* beneficially owned by (Filippo Fantechi – 51.22%; Cristina Villani – 24.39%; Lorenzo Francesco Fantechi –24.39%)