The Company

Clean Invest Africa (CIA) was incorporated on 18 September 2017 as an Investment Vehicle to identify investment opportunities and acquisitions. We will focus on delivering an attractive return through acquiring stakes in renewable and clean energy companies remediation/restoration technologies, waste to energy technologies and other clean energy related projects throughout Africa.

We are interested in projects that will aid economic development  in a socially and environmentally responsible way, with the intention of building a diversified portfolio of assets.

Renewable energy does not produce toxins that are harmful or pollute the environment in the same manner as non-renewable energy, such as fossil fuel

The Company’s purpose is to acquire interests in, and to own, assist and manage:

  • Clean energy companies
  • Projects including renewable energy projects
  • Projects that create environmental benefits through greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • Remediation / restoration technologies
  • Waste to energy technologies
  • Projects that are complementary to these sectors

The clean energy sector includes activities such as the production of alternative fuels, the production of renewable power and the use of technologies to reduce the environmental impact of traditional energy sources

The Company believes that the clean energy sector is attractive due to:


The increasing demand for clean energy, driven by environmental and energy dependence concerns


The increasing competitiveness of clean energy as an alternative source of energy

The Company plans to acquire interests in projects in the clean energy sector as the Company’s Directors have significant experience in investing in this sector.