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12 February 2018 
                            Clean Invest Africa plc 
                           (the "Company" or "CIA") 
                              CoalTech Investment 
Clean Invest Africa Plc (NEX:CIA), the NEX Exchange quoted clean technology and 
renewable energy investment company, is delighted to announce its first 
investment. The company has signed an investment agreement with privately held 
CoalTech LLC ("CoalTech"), a Delaware limited liability company, and its sister 
company, Coal Agglomeration South Africa (Pty) Ltd ("CASA"), which will give 
CIA shareholders exposure to a commercial and scalable technology applied to 
the remediation of waste coal fines. The technology produces a high quality, 
saleable energy source from what would otherwise  be a problematic waste 
Under the terms of the investment agreement CIA will invest US$500,000 in 
return for a 2.5% holding in the ordinary share capital of CASA and will also 
be awarded an equivalent shareholding in CoalTech. 
Information on CoalTech and CASA are available at: http:// 
CoalTech's principal focus lies in cleaning up the toxic and environmentally 
damaging waste generated by coal mining. The process delivers a high quality 
saleable energy source, the properties of which allow it to be easily handled 
and transported to customers around the world.  Coal fines or tailings are a 
wasteful by-product of the coal mining process that have a low market value, 
are generally expensive to dispose of, and are left in stockpiles or slurry 
ponds at or near mining sites. At present, vast amounts of coal discards lie in 
open-air lagoons as wasted by-products. It is estimated that over 30 billion 
metric tonnes of coal tailings are available in the top 10 coal producing 
countries (Source: International Energy Association). 
In 2012, CoalTech started a programme intended to develop a financially viable 
technology solution that would enable the agglomeration of a large quantity of 
waste coal fines, which are currently being produced and stored as waste, into 
commercially viable products to be sold to domestic and export markets. A test 
pelletizer plant was developed in South Africa, which was later converted into 
a pilot plant in March 2014. Following successful independent testing, 
undertaken by Bureau Veritas, the shareholders took the decision to further 
invest in research and development, and fabricate a modular industrial-size 
pelletizer plant. This plant has been tested and is now operating commercially 
in South Africa. 
Through extensive research and development, CoalTech has devised a method of 
converting coal fines into cost efficient, durable pellets by which the coal 
fines are bound together in the pelletizer plant using a proprietary 
chemically-formulated organic binder. Overcoming problems experienced by 
traditional processes, their heat-resistant binder can be used on a large 
commercial and industrial scale, with significant cost benefits resulting from 
the avoidance of storage and handling costs, and by producing usable coal 
pellets from waste materials with equal calorific value as the coal it came 
CoalTech has also engaged Sedgmans, a leading engineering company in minerals 
processing and service provider to the resources sector, to develop phase two 
of the pelletising plants which are now at the pre-production phase with 
completion expected in quarter four,  2018. 
CoalTech's ambition is to become established as the world's pre-eminent clean 
technology solution of waste coal fines which can provide coal mines and coal 
utilisation sites, such as power stations, with on-site remediation of a 
long-term and challenging environmental issue within the industry. 
Sam Preece, Executive Director of CIA commented: 
"We are very pleased to announce our first investment into CoalTech and CASA. 
CoalTech's investment case and proprietary technology offers a novel solution 
to environmentally damaging waste coal fines that has wide potential across 
coal producing countries within Africa and beyond. The demonstrated ability to 
create a saleable and transportable energy product from waste is exciting. 
Engaging this technology in a commercially sustainable model will maximise the 
positive environmental impact and address a wide-spread waste and legacy 
contamination issue. We look forward to providing shareholders with regular 
news updates as CoalTech and CASA progress in this exciting area of clean 
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